What are the Benefits of Solar Power on an RV or Caravan


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Solar power is an amazingly beneficial source of energy for both you and the environment. It provides an obvious alternative to electrical hook-ups when travelling off-road to places where power is not always readily accessible. Self-sufficient in power, you are free to travel wherever the road takes you. Solar power is also a perfect option if you are wanting to cut down, or eliminate entirely, the enormous expense that is electrical hook-ups. There really couldn’t be a better option for generating power when travelling by RV than solar.

– Thin Film PV Panels were developed in an effort to make solar panels at a lower cost, and are thus the cheapest solar option on the market. However, their low price jeopardises their quality to an extent as they produce four times less energy than their competitors and last for less than half the average lifespan (only 10 years).

– Mono-Crystalline panels are made from cylindrical shaped silicon ingots and have the highest efficiency rates as they are made from the highest-grade silicon. They are generally also the most space-efficient as they yield the highest power outputs, providing up to 4x the amount of energy as the Thin Film PV Panels.

– Poly-Crystalline panels are slightly less expensive than the Mono-Crystalline panels and they are generally deemed less efficient than the Mono-Crystalline panels. As a result, a larger panel is required to generate the required energy. This makes them less space efficient.

When choosing the perfect solar panel for your camping needs, it is also important to take into account free-standing and roof-mounted solar panels. Free-standing panels generally create more energy as they can be manoeuvred to face the sun directly. They, however, can be quite difficult to transport and store when you are constantly on the move.

Permanently fixed to the roof of your motor home, roof-mounted solar panels require little to no effort as they remain attached to your vehicle. However, as a result of their fixed state, they tend not to generate the same amount of power as free-standing panels as they are generally in direct sunlight for the same amount of time.

The above information only serves as a basic guide to solar as it would be very difficult to recommend a solar panel without examining its intended purpose closer. It is therefore definitely worth putting the time into thoroughly researching the panels and talking to solar specialists about your specific power needs to ensure you find the perfect solar panel for you.

As a completely renewable source of energy, solar is the most eco-friendly power source available to consumers today. Solar produces zero harmful emissions and thus is compares favourably to other energy sources. It is thus safe to say that the savings and unlimited freedom solar panels provide, as a result of not requiring plug-in electricity, make the initial start-up costs well worth it for those looking to travel by RV.

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