TOP 10 Australia Paid Camping Locations


TOP 10 Australia Camping Locations (Paid)

1. Uluru – N.T

Rising from amidst the Central Australian desert, the red rocks of Uluru are millions and millions of years old and provide an amazing spot for camping. The campground’s limited light pollution allows the billions of stars and universes to spread above you in stunning visibility. It truly is an unforgettable experience. A guided tour will also take you through Uluru’s cultural significance to the Aboriginal people whilst also expressing the natural power of the sandstone monolith.

2. Booderee National Park – N.S.W

Camping at Booderee National Park gives you access to the brightest, white beaches in the world along the New South Wales south coast. It is an ideal place for a family getaway with just a three-hour drive from Sydney or Canberra. June and July are the best times to travel as this is when the humpback and southern right whales begin their breeding migration to the warmer Queensland waters. Being in their presence is an indescribably overwhelming experience. The return journey occurs from September to November with their calves. The park contains three un-powered camping areas, Green Patch, Bristol Point and Cave Beach. 200 kilometres south of Sydney, Jervis Bay is the deepest bay in Australia and home to 25kilometres of beaches protected by Booderee National Park. Be amazed by some of the whitest sand in the wold, diverse marine life and crystal clear water. Many of the campsites offer bush camping in the wooded with a quick walk to the pristine beaches.

3. Lake Moogerah Caravan Park – QLD

Lake Moogerah Campground surrounds you with a stunning display of natural attractions. Camp just metres from the lake’s shore and wake up early in the morning to the sound of birds chirping and the sun setting over the lake. Take a kayak or stand up paddle board out onto the lake in the early morning when the water is glassy and smooth, paddle around cliff faces and dead trees and take in the breathtaking expanse that is Lake Moogerah. You might even spot baby turtles, eels and lizards basking on the rocks. Pick up a fishing permit and enjoy a campfire at sunrise, surrounded by water with the stars spreading out above you. It really is an amazing place to explore.

4. Apostles Camping Park and Cabins – VIC

Staying at the Apostles Camping Park and Cabins situated on the Gellibrand River alongside the Great Ocean Road. Travelling along the road also gives you the chance to experience some of the most breathtaking beaches in Australia. If you’re travelling in winter make sure you pack multiple wetsuits if you’re planning to go for a swim. Its freezing cold! There are also stunningly beautiful lighthouses which are often situated near lookouts. It is definitely worth stopping the car to experience the beautiful views. Also, if the drive along the Great Ocean Road is too fast, the 7 kilometre walk to the Apostles offers stunning coastal views, which you can take in at your own pace.

5. Cumberland River Holiday Park – VIC

The Cumberland River Holiday Park is an amazingly scenic place to camp, surrounded by the beautiful river and lush greenery. The river allows you to explore many walking tracks around the Great Otway National Parks, the trout stream and cliff-walled river gorge. The river’s swimming hole makes a perfect place to relax on a warm day and wondering along the river brings you to the surf beach where you can swim and surf. Take a stroll along the pier at sunset and watch the locals fishing for their dinner.

6. Springbroook National Park – QLD

A visit to Springbrook National Park definitely makes for an unforgettable experience with breathtaking lookouts, exquisite waterfalls and spectacular wildlife encounters. Staying at The Settlement camping area fully immerses you within the Park’s nature and beautiful scenery. Open fires are not permitted; however, there are sheltered cooking and picnic areas with electric barbeques. Take the day out to hike to national park and enjoy the plethora of wildlife the park has to offer and the breathtaking waterfalls.

7. Lake Eyre Camping – S.A

Spend your time on the lake camping in the lake’s two camping areas, birdwatching and photographing the beautiful enigma that is Lake Eyre. It truly is an amazing location 697km north of Adelaide. The Lake Eyre experiences extreme temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Celsius to below freezing in winter and thus the best time to travel is in winter, where the night skies are clear and spellbinding. Lake Eyre (known as Kati Thanda to traditional owners) becomes a great white expanse of glistening salt; however, when it becomes full of water, it is home to over 6 million birds and approximately 10 times saltier than ocean water. A photographer’s dream at any time of the year.

8. Airlie Cove Resort and Caravan Park – QLD

Staying at the Airlie Cove Resort and Caravan Park Airlie beach stay is a relaxed Australian resort town in the Whitsundays. Palm fringed beaches and alfresco restaurant spend your time camping and snorkelling. Picnic on the beach or even learn to sail. Nearby you cant miss the tropical rainforest and waterfalls in Conway National Park.

9. Lincoln National Park – SA

You’ll find this precious piece of wilderness about 500 kilometres southwest of Port Augusta (across the Spencer and St Vincent Gulfs from Adelaide). The teeny-tiny, five-pitch campsite looks directly over the white sand and turquoise water of Memory Cove, from the shade of coastal mallees. When you’re not lazing about, go adventuring in Lincoln National Park, where you’ll experience some of South Australia’s most beautiful coastline. There’s a bunch of lovely walks, from the 1.6-kilometre Stamford Hill hike, which gives you excellent views, to the 12-hour Investigator Trail, which takes in many bays and beaches on its way to Cape Donnington. Bookingsat Memory Cove campsite are crucial — you can’t get in without a key.

10. Osprey Bay Campground – W.A

Osprey Bay is located adjacent the Osprey Sanctuary Zone of the Ningaloo Marine Park.
The campground is situated above a rock-shelf shoreline which has small sandy enclaves exposed at low tide. The campground has arguably the best ocean views within Cape Range National Park. A sandy beach leads north to Sandy Bay.
Ningaloo Reef on the Coral Coast is one of Western Australia’s natural treasures – alive with an abundance of marine life, turquoise waters and dazzling white beaches set against a backdrop of rugged limestone ranges. Three Islands Whale Shark Dive specialises in whale shark snorkel and swim adventures on the reef between mid-March and mid-August. Although the tour focus is on swimming with whale sharks, an amazing variety of reef life such as manta rays, turtles, dolphins, whales and even dugongs may be sighted during the cruise.

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