Aussie Bush Top Places To Crack A Beer

While a cold beverage is a welcomed idea at any time, it’s even better when you’ve had to put in the hard yards to get it. There is nothing you can compare to enjoying a beer after a menacing track with a ripper vista to really create a memorable moment. I’ve asked the AUDRV team to tell me what their most loved, view spectacular, mind bending spots for a cold one were in Australia, and these are the picks that came out on top.

  1. Big Red, Birdsville QLD

Nothing screams you’ve got an adventure ahead of you like the trip to the edge of the Simpson desert. No matter where you are journeying from, it’s going to be a long haul for this one. When you get there you will need to lower your tire pressures in prep for taking on the well known ‘Big Red’ sand dune. If you didn’t already know, this is the BIGGEST sand dune in the desert. Granted you make it through, hopefully with a smile on your face and just in time for sunset, you will be welcomed by an outstanding view of sunburnt dunes and vast sky. By this point, believe me you’ll be hearing the cold beers in the back practically singing out your name. “Desert master, come, please, enjoy us, you deserve it!”.

  1. Mundi Mundi Lookout, Broken Hill NSW

If you own a camper trailer and you haven’t made the trip out to broken hill, it’s fair to say you’re lagging behind. Hitch up, saddle on the gear and get to it! This is a personal  beloved destination, especially the small historic town of Silverton which offers some well appreciated character and is just down the road from Mundi Mundi Lookout. The spot overlooks Mundi Mundi Plains, where you may encounter some puzzling deja vu until you realize you’re looking at the set for 1981 Mad Max 2. Enjoy cracking one open while you stare at the horizon, which is so distant you can literally see the earth’s curve. 

  1. Cape York Peninsula, Cape York QLD

Arguably the most notable 4WD experience in Australia, the journey to Cape York will be a highlight of your lifetime. Although the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) is a magnificent experience, many troopers will agree that much of the joy is found in the thousands of kilometres travelled to reach the northernmost point of Australia. Upon arrival it’s time to open up the good old esky that’s been a friend for many years, and revel in the beauty of the tropical Cape York. 

  1. Tassie’s West Coast

For those living on the eastern side of Australia who regrettably miss out on witnessing the sun set over the ocean, it’s not too late. The answer lies on the west coast of Tasmania! Aswell, there is a plentiful choice of 4WD tracks to add to the magic of an ocean sunset. A recommended location for campsite views and luxurious landscapes to kick back and simply witness has to be Trial Harbour, you won’t regret it. 

  1. Victorian High Country

As far as heavenly scenic vista’s go, you can’t miss the jaw dropping Victorian High Country. The white-capped mountains, snow gum forests, Alpine lakes, rolling green farmlands and wetlands teeming with an abundance of wildlife makes this my favourite location on the list. Truly some of the most magnificent scenery to be witnessed on earth. The region provides super steep 4WD tracks practically everywhere you go, making it the offroaders dream. The entire area is full of beautiful spots to pull up and take in wonderful views, however from personal experience and with the agreement of many, tackling the “Blue Rag Range” track is the crème of the crop. When the day’s climb is over, your first pick of a wintery beer for the Victoria cold is the final salute to an extraordinary day.

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